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Electric Gate Safety

Any automatically operating system has an inherently higher risk factor than it's comparable manual system, and automated gates are exactly the same. However when correctly installed with the right risk assessment and appropriate safety measures and electric gate should offer innumerable years of secure and safe operation.

All automated gates should be fitted to European law, namely EN12453 hut also a number of other legal frameworks. At Scroll Gates our experience combined with the latest in safety equipment ensures that your installation will be safe for both your family and property.

This starts with a full assessment of the entranceway in order to identify possible risks and eliminate them through design, system choice and safety solution.

Unlike many other firms, Scroll Gates have undertaken many gate safety seminars and courses to ensure we understand the latest legislation, which is why Scroll became one of the 1st companies in the UK to receive the industry leading CAMESAFE qualification which provides confidence and piece of mind to end users looking for electric gates.


What is a CAMESAFE Installer?

CAMESAFE Installers have completed the UK's most detailed electric gate safety course. Comprising of a examination based 11 module curriculum covering all aspects of automated gate safety.

Only delegates completing the exams to the required rate are able to advertise themselves as CAMESAFE installers and promote their unique personal and company id numbers.

Our company ID is 5624 and our company CAMESAFE representative's ID is 88920, feel free to check these codes on the CAMESAFE website, and see our badges below.


A History of Safety

With a track record of over 100 electric gates systems, you can be confident that Scroll Gates will provide an exceptional service when fitting automated gates.

As the technology has advanced and the availability of electric gates has increased, so has the need to ensure that your automated gate is safe. Scroll Gates ensure that each installation is completed with the most appropriate equipment and once commissioned the gate will be safe and reliable.

The safety requirements of each gate will differ according to EN12453 Regulations and Scroll will identify the specifics for your installation. Safety options Scroll can utilise include; force limited motors, 'magic eye' safety photocells, deformable safety ribs, physical prevention measures and warning lights. When required Scroll will undertake a Force Test evaluation and the customer can expect a complete handover document.