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In addition to manufacturing wrought iron gates and railings, we are also official agents and distributors for electic gate and hydraulic gate manufacturers including CAME, BFT, FAAC and Gate Systems.

Automation systems fitted by Scroll Gates from initial groundwork, through to installation, fitting and final commissioning. With almost 50 years in the gate business, you can be assured of a professional, experianced electric gate installation that is convenient, impressive and above all safe.

Why Choose Electric Gates?

Choosing to automate your gates, should they be a new set of gates or existing gates, provides your home and entranceway with the following benefits.

They are convenient & secure.

Behind a set of closed and locked gates, you can be confident that your property and possesions are secured. However many homeowners with manual gates find that they choose to leave them open rather than get out of their car and close them after they have passed through.

Automatically closing electric gates removes this inconvenience by shutting after you have passed through and irriversible motors effectivly lock the gates upon closing. You can be confident your gate is secure and your gates will prevent unwanted access.

Electric gates are an invesment and can provide status.

A great looking and stylish set of electric gates can add real value to your house. Many previous electric gate owners will put purchasing automated gates to the top of there list when the move house.

A well maintained home with an impressive entrance can be a real plus to the locality. At Scroll Gates we find that once one propety on the street has fitted electric gates, we get multiple enquiries from neighbours looking to improve their homes.

Electric Gate Motor Types

Underground Gate Automation

Underground Gate motors sit below the ground at the hinge ends of the gate. Hidden from view, underground electric gate motors affect the look of your entraceway the least. Specialist electric motors or hydraulic motors are designed to operate in damp and wet conditions.

Worm/Ram Drive Gate Automation

Powerful post monted operators often also described as ram style motors. Electrically operated versions function on a screw driven sytem shortening the fulcrum of the gate causing it to swing open. The design of the motor is usually failrly low profile and although visible from within the property can be less obtrusive than some styles.

Articulate Arm Gate Automation

Post mounted motors with long reach articulated arms that offer great flexibility especcially on gates attached to deep brick pillars. Smart engineering ensures the articulation never scissors for safety. Articulated arm motors are often more simple to install and from the exterior of the property can be almost invisible.

Sliding Gate Automation

Especially suited to driveways that are limited for space, on a steep incline or where the drive turns sharply to the left or right. Sliding gate motors move the gate parallel to the entrance either on a track or using a cantilever system. Often involving a little more initial groundwork and requiring slightly more maintenece, sliding gates can offer the advanteges of electric gates in situations where automated swing gates would be impossible.

Typical Electric Gate Installation Process

1. Free Survey & Quotation.

A Scroll Gates Installation specilist will visit your property to assess the requirements of your system, choosing the most appropriate solution for your requirements.

Whilst on site Scroll Gates will undertake full discussion of the type of gate you are after to ensure you get the gate you are after/

After the visit Scroll Gates will provide a detailed and full written quotation.

2. Preparation & Electrical Supply.

Preparation typically takes 2-3 days depending on the distance of the gateway from the power source and the type of posts being fitted. The preparation of sliding gates can take longer as it is usually a little more involved.

3. Hardenning Off & Gate Manufacture.

Once the preparation is completed, a hardening off time is required to ensure and concreting or surface dressings are completely set and ready for the next stage.

Usually during this period, your gates are manufactured to the required specifications.

4. Final Install & Automation Commissioning.

Installation of the gates and automation usually takes 2-3 days. Your gate is delivered to site along with the final elements of the automation system.

The gates are hung and the automation applied. Finally the system is commissioned and tested to ensure it meets UK Regulations and European Requirements ensuring a trouble free, convenient and safe gateway.